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Red Queen

Red Queen By: Victoria Aveyard The story of one girl with extraordinary abilities who changes the face of her world as she knows it. " Power is a dangerous game "         These are the words that grace the cover of this book. These are the words you should pay attention to. While most books show a revolution that was bound to happen so long as it had a catalyst to spark its flames, this book gives us an unwilling hero who is doing what she can to protect her loved ones and SURVIVE.           Meet Mare Barrow, a young girl in a town called the stilts where rich is a foreign concept and extreme poverty is the norm. Her life consists of pick-pocketing whatever fool leaves their money unguarded on the streets and waiting for the day till she turns eighteen and is conscripted into the military.     Her life is generally unremarkable until she is forced to become more when a freak accident that should have killed her reveals powers that she never kne

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