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Taylor Swift and The Ides of March

  Taylor Swift and The Ides of March Is this a hint for reputation (Taylor’s Version)             What do Taylor Swift and Julius Caesar have in common?             A history of betrayal.             For history buffs and Roman Empire lovers the world over, the Ides of March has become a tongue in cheek holiday commemorating the assassination of Julius Caesar. The day, which falls on March 15 th , is a hallmark of betrayal as Caesar’s assassination was aided by his friend, Brutus.             For Swifties, these themes are familiar in the worst way. Long before the drama of Taylor Swift losing her original masters with the sale of Big Machine Records to a certain “name dropping sleaze,” her career was nearly destroyed by the infamous TaylorSwiftIsOverParty hashtag and a song to match. In one fell swoop, Swift lost media acclaim and fair-weather friends. Even the most devoted Swifties wondered if, and how, Taylor Swift could return from such a thorough media bashing.        

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